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Royalty interest and mineral rights of your land

We acquire royalty interest and mineral rights.
Because beneath your land, lies a legacy for your family.


Handshakes matter, because that’s how this business was built.

Every day as the sun rises over your land, new opportunities come to light for you and your family. We understand the connection, because Bradford Minerals is a family business, named after the man who taught us that handshakes and character matter. We’re proud to follow in his footsteps and do right by the people we serve.

Our knowledge of the land — and the Delaware Basin, in particular — runs deep at Bradford Minerals. Our highly experienced team brings a wealth of understanding and insights to every land evaluation we make. Our experience is how we make your experience working with us seamless, smooth and confident.


How value comes to the surface.

We know the wide open landscapes of West Texas and New Mexico…we are on top of the activity in the Delaware Basin…and we understand what it takes to make a fast, accurate land evaluation in this area. Our team of experienced professionals is extremely technical and precise — something that can only come from years of experience in a particular region.

We are ready and willing to go the extra mile to examine every factor and arrive at a proper evaluation that you can trust.


Beneath it all, your legacy matters.

Doing things right is the Bradford Minerals way. That’s why, whether we’re working directly with the property owner or with the many professionals and companies who call on us, every job starts with respect. We pride ourselves on delivering technically precise, highly accurate evaluations. We’re proud of our reputation for being fair — and making the entire process fast, smooth and easy for you.

Selling your mineral rights is a decision that requires careful attention and precise information. If you’re interested, call Bradford Minerals and learn what we can do for you.

Does your land work for you?

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